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Chr. Boller, T. Seeger, M. Vormwald

MATERIALS DATABASE FOR CYCLIC LOADING provides the basis for materials assessment by direct comparison of data or characteristic values as well as for estimating the crack initiation lifes of structural parts under constant and variable amplitude loading.

Stress-strain curves, strain life curves and mean stress parameter life curves for cyclic loading are the main components of the database.

The data were first published in a handbook series in 1987 (Chr. Boller, T. Seeger: Materials Data for Cyclic Loading. Materials Science Monographs, Vol. 42, Elsevier, 1987). The books are well known as „red books“.

The data are now published by Fachgebiet Werkstoffmechanik under kind permission of the authors for the first time in an extensive materials database, containing:

  • Unalloyed Steels
  • Low-Alloy Steels
  • High-Alloy Steels
  • Aluminium and Titanium Alloys
  • Cast and Welded Metals

Bibliographical reference:
Chr. Boller, T. Seeger, M. Vormwald: Materials Database for Cyclic Loading. Fachgebiet Werkstoffmechanik, TU Darmstadt, 2008.


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